Protect Your Home

Hospitals and commercial buildings have used similar technologies for years to keep the people in their buildings safer. Now you can have these same safety features in your home to protect your family and friends.Read More + »

Protect Your Business

As we slowly open back up there are things you can do to make your clients/customers feel safer returning to your business. We can help you with that.Read More + »

Protect Your Community

Local churches, community organizations, schools and other community gathering places are also slowly opening back up. We can help keep visitors to these places safer. Let them know about us and we’ll be happy to show them how.Read More + »


Healthcare Workers, Military Personnel, And First Responders

We know that some of you are putting yourselves on the line to keep the rest of us going and we want to give back to you in the form of a discount on our packages. Please be certain to mention to us that you are a Healthcare Worker, Military, or First Responder and we’ll get you a 10% discount off your package price.

Each of our products were invented well before the current COVID-19 crisis. They have been in use for many years, some for decades. They have all been tested by independent laboratories and we are happy to provide you with test results.


Download “7 Ways to Make Your Holidays Safer”

Visit UVSHIELD.US to learn more and download our FREE guide to making your holiday safer.


Download “7 Ways to Make Your Holidays Safer”

Visit UVSHIELD.US to learn more and download our FREE guide to making your holiday safer.


Customer Testimonials

We strive to provide 5 Star service every time!


Keeping Your Home or Business as Safe as Possible

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Our powered polarized-media air cleaner replaces your existing pleated air filter for an infinitely more complete filtering. Not only does it filter particles down to .3 microns, but it “charges” smaller particles so that they clump together so that it can pick them up the next time they come through.READ MORE + »


UV-C light has been used for decades for everything from keeping our food fresher to sanitizing hospital rooms. Our SolSHIELD equipment takes this to the next level for your home by incorporating a nanocoated grid that has over 10 football fields worth of surface area to help capture contaminates so our high powered UV-C lights can destroy them quicker.READ MORE + »


Installing a HEPA filter in your home air system can cause problems and ultimately ruin it, but our BypassSHIELD HEPA system solves that problem. We don’t block the airflow in your system, instead we pull air from the system, run it through our medical grade HEPA filtration system and then put it back into your home, cleaner than ever.READ MORE + »


We professionally apply an invisible titanium dioxide nanocoating spray to the “high-touch” areas of your home such as door knobs and light switches. When bacteria and viruses come in contact with SteadySHIELD it destroys the cells covering the surface. Generally speaking, disinfections by titanium dioxide is 3 times stronger than chlorine.READ MORE + »


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